Zetz is looking for our first product designer to join our growing team and help us build a completely new, best-in-class product suite aimed to revolutionize the trucking industry - a platform we call Axle.

Axle is a platform built from scratch aimed to solve one of the world's biggest logistics challenge.

As the world commerce shifts dramatically towards the online, the demand for delivery (through air and then land) reaches new heights - exposing the weakest links in the chain - the truck driver.

The US alone is short of more than 150,000 qualified truck drivers to meet existing demand, causing the entire logistics network to break (crazy delay in shipment, lost packages, etc).

Axle came to solve exactly that - from the actual truck driving training and schools, through job placement and matching to the day-to-day management of the delivery and payments - Axle is connecting all of these pieces together through a modern tech platform, including:

  • Axle Driver - A mobile app acting as the truck driver's personal 'agent', through which they can manage their trucking career: from the day-to-day navigation to the pickup area, through future job booking and schedule planning up to payments, financial management and career goals

  • Axle Fleet - A web application allowing trucking companies to manage their truck drivers and fleet (hiring, on job management, etc)

  • Axle Backbone - An AI engine with a backoffice responsible for all the complex heavy lifting including best in class matching algorithms, dynamic pricing, routing and more

As the lead designer of Axle you will:

  • Create detailed UI and visual design specifications for app, mobile and web applications. Conduct user testing and understand target audiences: develop or work from user profiles and conduct task analysis, create user scenarios or use stories
  • Plan and propose innovative solutions for a wide variety of driver and carrier experience challenges
  • Lead the design of v1 experiences while planning and strategizing for future iterations
  • Deliver work that's not only user-friendly and aesthetically engaging, but also produces business results
  • Work alongside engineers and product managers throughout all stages of the production cycle
  • Explore and translate complex interactions into simple, engaging solutions and be able to communicate those solutions verbally as well as through sketches, user flows, wireframes, hi-fi mocks and functional prototypes
  • Communicate high-level design strategies and detailed interaction behaviors.