At Zetz, we are currently building TransForce One (TF1 in short) - a brand-new, best-in-class suite of products aiming to revolutionize the trucking industry.

TF1 is a platform built from scratch aiming to solve one of the world's biggest logistics challenges. As our world's commerce shifts dramatically towards the online, the demand for delivery (through air and land) reaches new heights and exposes the weakest link in the chain - the truck driver. To put things in perspective - the US market alone is short more than 150k qualified truck drivers to meet existing demand, causing the entire logistics network to break (severe delays in shipments, lost packages, and operational chaos).

TF1 came to precisely solve that - from the truck driving schools, optimal job placement, and the day-to-day challenges of managing time-sensitive deliveries & payments. TF1 is connecting all of these pieces through a modern tech platform, which includes:

  • TF1 Driver: A mobile application serving as the driver's personal assistant, helping them manage their trucking careers.
  • TF1 Fleet: A web application allowing trucking companies to manage their drivers and fleets.
  • TF1 Backbone: AI-engine that finds optimal solutions for various problem spaces -- some examples are: job matching, dynamic pricing, route optimization, etc.

We are looking for exceptional individuals with a sharp eye for details, driven by a keen passion for solving real and challenging problems. The ideal candidate would be a:

  • Generalist: Who likes to mix things up and never shies away from an opportunity to learn something new.
  • Innovator: Who identifies the potential for impact and has the skills & perseverance to drive change.

As a Full-Stack Engineer at Zetz, you will...

  • Develop web applications with React.
  • Develop mobile applications with React-Native.
  • Build backend microservices in Node.JS & gRPC.
  • Deliver high-quality, maintainable code, following industry best practices and standards.
  • Play an active role in our engineering forum, where processes constantly evolve in pursuit of finding the optimum between the almighty forces of speed, quality, and reliability.


  • 3+ years as a Software Engineer.
  • Solid understanding of web & mobile development fundamentals.
  • Experience with TypeScript & Node.JS.
  • Experience with modern UI frameworks - React/Vue.JS/Angular.
  • Experience with UI state management frameworks - MobX/Redux/RxJS/Hooks/etc.